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New voice acting sample.

2012-05-11 15:08:59 by lbsjr

Recently just invested in a new microphone, and now I can record high quality voice, good news for everyone right there. Also, I now have time on my hands, so I am willing to do voice acting requests as soon as they are made! Throw me a message if you need free voice acting of my lack of skills.

Here it is:

Huh... If only I could draw....

2011-10-31 14:45:35 by lbsjr

Unfortunately, I can't, and I don't know anyone else who can. So I gotta upload stuff to youtube cause what I do know is games. :D If your interested in stuff, head to g its mostly starcraft stuff, but I'm getting ready to do other playthroughs. Lol. And if you like it, or have a voice acting request for me, PM me here or there or anywhere. And if you have a replay of SC2 you want me to cast, PM me and I'll get it up there within a week or so. Thanks for reading!

Lb out!

Finally. Finished the VA request.

2010-03-30 01:35:56 by lbsjr

After months of family, school, and other business, ive gotten my VA work caught up. haha. it ought to be upcoming eventually. now its all up to him.

this is gonna be fun....

2009-08-15 02:03:59 by lbsjr

no idea whats gonna happen.... eh. oh well. whatever happens happens...

Giving out my voice...

2009-08-13 04:13:36 by lbsjr

if you give me a script ill do a voice. pm me if you want a sample of my voice. i can do some accents. (slightly poor tho) its a male tenor but i can do female if you need.... <_<

ok now i just need....

2009-05-01 01:02:46 by lbsjr

a sound program. a mix thing. any help would be really apreciated. ill help with other flash and stuff. all you gotta do is pm me and ill help.

not much...

2008-11-14 09:18:38 by lbsjr

arright this is the low down. i need a good flash program. i would apreciate any help, and im willing to post good if asked after being helped. please, help me...